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A term describing the most expensive, best tasteing liquor available. It can apply to rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey, and any other liquor.

Does not apply to beer.

The term was first said in a remote town in Texas, which is unknown. The person who first coined the term was said to be very drunk and unhappy about the liquor supply at the moment, so he promised to supply the chepurpen liquor at the next party that was to be thrown in his name.

The party has not happened yet, but will be of epic proportions.
Dude, did you get the tequila chepurpen?

Ya man, I got some Don Julio. It cost me $400. It was the most expensive tequila they had at the liquor store.

I spent over $1,500 on chepurpen this weekend. It was the most money I have ever spent on liquor, but the party was crazy awesome!
by Ispendtoomuchmoneyonalcohol January 05, 2011