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To be unexpectantly shot in the face (optional clause: by a dick)
1) I cheney'd my load on my girlfriend last night, boy was she pissed.
2) While hunting I cheney'd my best friend with my shotgun, he then had a heartattack.
by rd2 February 14, 2006
1. To have the ability to make freedom and democracy sound alarmingly like rape and pillage.

2. When spoken by 2 heads of state, implies that your country is suddenly about to get democratized, privatized and FUCKED in the ass.
1. We are going to bring freedom and democracy to the peoples republic of squeegistan. We are determined to drop it on their asses in 42 tonne mettallic packages if necessary.

2. Olmert: Dude ur country is gonna be Cheney'd by the end of the month.
Ahmedinejad: Fuck...
by a_m_0_l April 09, 2006