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A nickname for a girl named Chelsea. Always fun, loving, motherly yet childish at the same time. Someone who you know you can always trust and can never forget. Chelsea is the worlds most amazing best friend, even boring moments with her are a great time out. She will always put her friends feelings before her own. She states her own opinions no matter what the reaction of the other person may be. She is the person that will tell you what you don't want to admit to yourself. You can never handle losing a friend like this, she is the definition of a best friend and you are completely stupid if you ever let this friendship die out. She is also absolutely beautiful and smart but probably the most modest person on the planet. She is the kind of perfect you admire, not the kind you become jealous over. She's the best person you will ever get to know so don't pass this friend up and treat her well or you will regret it.
by eswizzle4 July 19, 2011
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