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Chelsee is a hella cool chick with big tatas and a fly fashion sense. She also has bitch'n hair and eyes that are off the hook.
Damn, look at that girl's rad outfit, she must be a Chelsee!
by treblechik March 20, 2010
A selfish, spoiled, conniving cunt who's main objective is too mess up everybody's lives whom she comes into contact with.
Damn what a fuckin Chelsee.
by Torvald Mounder August 31, 2010
a super duper cool ass chick who likes poop & anuuuuuus!
she enjoys long nights of hxc chess playing with allison.
Chelsee aka; harold.
"OMFG, she is such a Chelsee! look at the way she holds the poop like a baby."
by LOLallison January 16, 2008
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