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CHELSEAS SO AWESOME! hehe and shes mayb HAV A BIG BUM! but she doesnt want to get laid as far as i kno! shes a good freind and has a queer boyfriend! HAHAH just kidding. she can make u laugh cause she dumb but other wise shes a prett good all around person
#2 yea
#1 lets go get her autograph!
by KELSEYSCOOLER February 28, 2005
1)the most amazingly bright and beautiful chick with kick ass charm and a heart of gold. she can sometimes be really random and hyper but she means well and she's always down for a great time.

2)this really sick skater chick with amazing eyes a bad ass style. she's also a great surfer with a fiery attitude. Very true to her hawaiian origins and very close to her mafia italian blood. not to mention a kick ass actress.
Guy: oh wow who is tht.....?
other guy:who?
guy:tht stunning chick buying trucks for her skateboard
other guy: oh her, she's chelseah
guy:she's hot!
other guy:she's out of our league...
by musical_genius_in_love July 02, 2012
a girl with a huge ass that is nothing she used to be and just wants to get fucking laid.
whoa check that slut shes the next "chelsea H"
by fuckuimirish February 26, 2005