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Half chav, half melon; a person who claims to be a chav but is known for his abnormally large head

eg. melonhead

Most people think of a Sam Hulme when mentioning such a thing. Many who haven't met this person already dislike him simply because he is a complete dickhead... and his rather large head of course
1. Sean: "Oh my god sam, you're such a prick!"

Jake: "Yeah, you CHELON!"

Sean: "Tell me about it"

2. Sam: "What's wrong with my head?"

Sean: "What isn't wrong with your head?"

Josh: "It's a MELONHEAD!


Quagmire: "Giggity"
by P.I.G.E.O.N :: S.H.O.O.T.E.R September 07, 2009
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