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The act of being fantastic
Dude.. Chelle is fantastic, I shall call her chelletastic.
by Chelle March 30, 2005
278 140
An Irresistible beautiful goddess. Life's true gift. Consider yourself blessed to have known her.
by carrie72 February 03, 2010
113 89
Chelle is a sarcastic, loud, protective goddess with a wrath like the sea. Derived from the name Michelle which means ‘Like God.’ Chelle's command respect and are generally worshiped incessantly and pampered like a queen. Chelle's are easily entertained and often play hide and seek while drinking adult beverages. Favorite hiding places often include closets, cabinets, pantries, and bathtubs.
Have you met that girl Chelle yet?

Yeah! She kinda seems like a bitch, but I can't not like her!
by AXO Princess January 05, 2011
77 81
A fat and lazy girl who lies and steals from her husband and manipulates everyone else into believing her pathetic imaginary stories of how terrible her life is.
That girl treats her husband so badly, she must be a Chelle.
by TreeHugger45 September 25, 2010
80 97
A person who is Fun, goodlooking, and the height of Rad. The stuff dreams are made of.
"Man that girl is amazing, she's such a chelles!"
by Super Radness February 28, 2010
10 60