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A small town between Portland and Seattle. Much like it's neighbor town, Centralia, only filled with more hicks and preppy bitches. They think they are better than everyone.
OMG, did you see that Centralia girls hair? Totally fashion missing. Chehalis is so much better. Lets go to Starbucks again.
by July 17, 2006
Chehalis is a small town between Seattle and Portland. You are either Mexican, White - Hick, or White-Prep. If your Mexican you probably shop at Shop-Co and hang out at the Mexican club there. If your a Hick you probably drive a Chevy and drink out by the bon fire and chew a lot and act like baseball is the greatest sport to ever be. If your a prep you probably only wear Abercrombie or Hollister and go to Silver Cup Coffee every morning and get a grande skinny vanilla late. And last but not least, Chehalis is known for lifers who will just go through high school and live there their whole lives. F this place.
Did you see that girl at Garby's last night...pretty sure she's my cousin but what the hell i"ll F her anyways because I live in Chehalis
by Lewis County Whore April 22, 2011
a small town between seattle and portland. Filled with mostly hicks.and white trash and beaners more of the cleaner people..centralia is another story.
Chehalis is a very boring town so kids turn to drinking and drugs. But the cool kids like belinda and nikki harass the town and knock over porto potties
by mulletina June 19, 2005
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