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Any Hip Hop Chinaman, under the false presumption that he is of another color.
Chegro: (In thick chinese accent) Yo mah niggaz, whut up??
by pogmaster April 10, 2003
An individual who is half Oriental (preferably Chinese) and half Negro. Since they are a CHinese-nEGRO, they are affectionately referred to as a Chegro.
(From Austin Power's)

Austin: Have you ever had sex with a Chegro before?
Vanessa: What is a Chegro?
Austin: You know - half Chinese, half Negro?
by Sweetums May 14, 2004
Chegro:Chegroe (noun). PC name for Chigger
Child: "Mama! I was playin' by the sandpit and I'm ate up with chiggers!"

Mother: "Now, son, you know you're
s'posed to call 'em
'Chegroes' nowadays."
by Milo Mindbender July 13, 2005
Politically-correct name for biting insects; i.e. chiggers
"Man, the chiggers are biting really bad today"..."Actually, they prefer to be called 'chegroes'"
by Kevin Howse December 03, 2007
slur for chinese black people
i hate tiger woods; fuckin chegro.
by Leroy Chin-jing December 29, 2002
a true asian gangsta, not a wannabee nigga but a true chigga.
Yo he's a hardore chegrow furreal.
by Sarah Fitzgerald December 03, 2005
A cheating negro, a negro who cheats at something or on someone, a black skinned person who cheats
your playing 4 player call of duty an mother fucking chegro is screen lookin, black person fucks his wifes sister
by White Male Prostitute January 28, 2008