Chegro:Chegroe (noun). PC name for Chigger
Child: "Mama! I was playin' by the sandpit and I'm ate up with chiggers!"

Mother: "Now, son, you know you're
s'posed to call 'em
'Chegroes' nowadays."
by Milo Mindbender July 13, 2005
Top Definition
An individual who is half Oriental (preferably Chinese) and half Negro. Since they are a CHinese-nEGRO, they are affectionately referred to as a Chegro.
(From Austin Power's)

Austin: Have you ever had sex with a Chegro before?
Vanessa: What is a Chegro?
Austin: You know - half Chinese, half Negro?
by Sweetums May 14, 2004
Politically-correct name for biting insects; i.e. chiggers
"Man, the chiggers are biting really bad today"..."Actually, they prefer to be called 'chegroes'"
by Kevin Howse December 03, 2007
Any Hip Hop Chinaman, under the false presumption that he is of another color.
Chegro: (In thick chinese accent) Yo mah niggaz, whut up??
by pogmaster April 10, 2003
slur for chinese black people
i hate tiger woods; fuckin chegro.
by Leroy Chin-jing December 29, 2002
a true asian gangsta, not a wannabee nigga but a true chigga.
Yo he's a hardore chegrow furreal.
by Sarah Fitzgerald December 03, 2005
A cheating negro, a negro who cheats at something or on someone, a black skinned person who cheats
your playing 4 player call of duty an mother fucking chegro is screen lookin, black person fucks his wifes sister
by White Male Prostitute January 28, 2008
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