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The cheese-version of Jesus. Yes, there is a cheese-Jesus:
Dude, I was eating some Cheese whilst praying to Jesus(the baby version), and my cheese just like, turned into the face of my Lord, and I was like, "WHOA MAN IT'S CHEEZUS."
by CheezusWorshiper August 14, 2009
The god of Cheese-Its. He is the patron saint of Halo 3 players. In order to gain his favor, a sacrifice of your entire team must be made. His blessings grant victory on the battlefield.
Private Arbolez betrays his teammate zogmufukui and then kills himself to gain Cheezus' favor.
Zogmufukui: WTF man!
Private Arbolez: Don't worry bro, Cheezus will let us win.
End of Match, their team wins.
Private Arbolez: Cheezus be praised.
Zogmufukui: Whatever...
by tehgreatestmanevar July 10, 2013
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