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Chuck E. Cheese's Nuts (Yeah, I mean those kind of nuts)
Chuck E. Cheese: So are you guys ready to PAR-TAY?!
Kids: YEAH!
Chuck E. Cheese: Well, open those mouths because your about to get a face full of my cheezles. OPEN UP! CHEEZLES! OH FUCK YEAH!
by Dr. McSqueaky December 02, 2012
a cheesy weasle

basically, it's a term to describe a person who resembles a weasle, and is cheesy at the same time
Claudia is a cheezle alright!

You're so cheesy, you should be a cheezle.
by guannyboy2 david guan February 26, 2007
pronounced - cheeeeeeeeezle

term of exclamation made upon hearing ones favourite tune chune. Not in common usage but I am aiming to spread it as far as possible :)
blud 1: "sup blud, dis tune is fire!"
blud 2: "cheezle! blud"
by big_boss April 26, 2006
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