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Can be used to represent all forms of sundry reprehensible, repulsive, and otherwise strange items, behaviors, and or people.
Guy 1: "Dude, that girl's dress was so cheevy."
Guy 2: "I know, I would totally cheeve that."

Me: "James can be such a cheever sometimes."
by Cheeving101 November 01, 2010
1)to smoke pot, comes from chief, as to chief hay, or sittin around cheevin the peace pipe like an indian
2)term of endearment to another fellow stoner
1)lemme cheeve that joint 4 you
2)you are one big cheeve, know that
by Dwight July 25, 2005
Verb: To suck on the gooch
That trick was so nasty, she cheeved me last night.
by Michael R H. August 27, 2006

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