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1. When you are frustrated, when you feel like the world is over, when something good brings a warm fuzzy feeling. Therefore, the only thing left in this world left to say is, Cheetahs and Jet skis.

2. The literal definition would be a wild carnivorous cat and mini boats.
1. So, I was fired from my job today but whatever, cheetahs and jet skis.

2. Savana: I found new headphones.
James: Cheetahs and jet skis boo boo.

3. Gay: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness guys, can you believe it? At the beach house there are Cheetahs and jet skis. Oh my GOSH, I love cheetahs and jet skis.

Everyone else: hahaha cheetahs and jet skis.
by Chico Blacklung January 07, 2011
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