One who is constantly found wasted at the bar. Also one who preys on the weak. See also Finder of lost souls.
There was this really wasted girl falling off of the bar stool last night, oh that was just cheetah.
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
1. Can be used as yet another slang for the act of smoking the dried leaves of a plant of the Cannabis genus (Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Satvia to be exact). When used as an action, it is always accompanied by the words "puff" or "pass" as in the sentence "I puff the cheetah." The term cheetah is not limited to smoking weed in raw form as it can be placed into various uses and situations involving the action of smoking, rolling, or passing.

2. When used simply as a noun however, the "Cheetah" can be used in place of the actual Cannabis itself. Do not confuse the "Cheetah" with the drug paraphernalia (i.e. blunts, dutches, pipes, white boys, apples, hollowed out limbs from the East African fig tree, etc.), as the "Cheetah" is the drug itself and not the device used to aid in smoking it. Other terms synonymous to the cheetah include but are not limited to weed, hemp, reefer, ganja, mary jane, squinty eyes, panda, grass, etc.
1. John Buford Winston XXI and his niggas are going to puff the Cheetah once the 50's leave the premisis

2. You better cop some Cheetah tonight.
by Ganja!!! GANJA!!!! April 23, 2006
1) a word used for extremely loyal individuals. a person who would go to bat for their friends, lay down on train tracks for their friends, and is consistently supportive.

2) also can be used to describe action that is loyal in nature.

antonym: chameleon
1) Thanks for being such a cheetah; you always make sure I'm okay.
She would never cross me, she's a cheetah through and through.

2) The fact that you researched all that information for me, that was so cheetah-like.
by Lucy Blair March 15, 2006
Cheetah- A woman in her 20s that dates younger men, compared to a "Cougar" (a woman in her 30s, 40s, and 50s) who dates younger men. Women with boytoys.
That woman is a "Cheetah", that guy is barely legal.
by hoodrats February 13, 2010
An individual that has a significant other but is on the “hunt” for the affections of someone else for the evening.Cheetah's can frequently be seen in clubs stalking their prey.The cheetah can be disguised as a cougar, puma or other like animal but the difference is that the cheetah is presently engaged in a relationship. Many people have fallen prey to a cheetah through this disguise only to suffer adversely later to the cheetah’s mate.
The term can be applied to both males and females.
I thought she was a cougar, but I found out she was a cheetah when her husband walkin in on us
by ninsmitty November 30, 2007
1) female sexual anatomy, archaically referred to as "vagina"
2) pet it right and she will purr.
3) term used to reference strong women, powered by their cheetah.
CHEETAHS por Vida!!!!!!!!!
by lucifern March 17, 2007
not an animal!!!
it's a really fast car that was in GTA 1-5. I have all of them and they are all awesome (except for 1,2, and London) and also, in GTA San Andreas, you can mod out the cheetah... just to let you know (buy the game now!!! on ebay or something)
Person 1:Whoa, did you see that Cheetah!?!?!
Person 2:That's not a Cheetah, it's a Perrenial, noob.
by Baby Dave November 17, 2004

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