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Anything that exceeds mere cheesiness enters into the cheesott zone. It's something that moves you in spite of your awareness that it is trying to move you. Most Hallmark cards, with their overly sentimental and maudlin prose, qualify, as do manipulative tear jerker chick flicks, lines like "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" and "You had me at hello", and anything from Titanic, including the video to My Heart Will Go On--watching Celine Dion beat her bony little chest gets me every time. It's a perfect storm--the cheesiest performer performing the cheesiest song. Cheesott heaven. Seeing Cher bounce around an aircraft carrier wearing a thong and howling "Do You Believe in Love?!" fits the bill. William Hung channeling Ricky Martin is a cheesott sandwich. You get the idea.
When Jess first heard Wind Beneath My Wings she said to herself, damn, that song is Cheesott (as she wiped the tears from her face).
by nilknocs December 12, 2008

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