a cheese filled pie
hey man putsome cheese in that pie ok
by rahzell smokespot July 03, 2003
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The act of deliberately making a false statement, in the hope someone will correct you, so you can then shout 'Cheese pie!'
"I love that When You're Gone song by Bryan Adams and Mel B", "errrr actually it was Bryan Adams and Mel C", "Cheese pie"
by CLARENCE69 July 07, 2011
1) The proper term for cheesecake, which is clearly (and visibly) a form of pie.
2) Adding .org, it becomes one of the internet's best forums.
3) Adding .net, it becomes a site full of (literal) random.
1) Why the HELL do people call it Cheesecake? LOOK AT IT, Its a fricking pie! Cheesepie!
2) The people on cheesepie.org kick ass.
3) Dude, I saw the most random image on cheesepie.net
by Speakerguy May 09, 2004
A very nasty vagina. When one does not take a shower for who knows how long and it gets an old cheese smell in your pie.
Zach: Dude I was so gonna score with Lusly last night but when I got her panties off she had the worst cheesepie you can think of.

Lexi: Wow thats nasty! I hope you aren't going to see her again.

Zach: No way in hell! I don't want any of her skanky cheesepie.

Lexi: Wanna get lucky right now?
by Hawkchop October 28, 2011
A reply to really obvious questions. If some one asks you an obvious question, then you say 'cheesepie'.
-on christmas day-

person 1: is it christmas today?

person 2: cheesepie.

person 1: oh.
by p30p13 December 27, 2011
A foodstuff made of pastry in which is put cheese - for a savoury meal packed with MMmmm... ness.
Jim: Honey, this cheese pie is exquisite, what's the secret ingredient?

Honey: ...........?
a way of saying good bye to some one without them realizing you didn't say "cheers, bye".
as the customer leaves the shop.... "cheese... pie" or on the phone if you are quick "cheese pie!"
by massivehen October 25, 2008

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