A cheeseman is a term used to describe someone who is amazing at a video game. Derived from the screen name of an insanely awesome gamer.
"He just fragged 20 guys, he's a total cheeseman.
by Demy March 12, 2005
Top Definition
A faggot with a fondness for buttplugs
That Cheeseman has a butt plug in his ass
by Dave Holloway October 17, 2003
A girl that no one finds attractive except for you. All true bros have a cheeseman. You cannot make fun of a bro for his cheeseman, as it is not a choice.
Bro 1: Damn bro, I would totally hit that.

Bro 2: Are you kidding me bro? She's a freaking grenade.

Bro 1: I can't help it bro, she's my cheeseman.

Bro 2: Oh, it's cool then.
by chyaaaaaa December 24, 2012
A "Cheeseman" is a person or object with the ability to only inspire polar extremes of emotion from people around them/it i.e. Extreme rage or extreme love
The person or object usually comes from the london area.
I was going to rip off your nuts, but now i just wanna hug you...you are such a damn cheeseman!!
by Pedro mendez October 27, 2010
My last name...you jerks.
Some asshole wrote shit about me on urbandictionary.com! FUCK!

by David CHEESEMAN April 29, 2005
robot man dressed in yellow with a giant cheese mask.Shows up at your window when in need of cheese.Shoots lazer cheese from his fingers.Can be stored in the refrigerator.Makes a healthy and nutricious snack.

see video
child:This pasta needs cheese!!!!!!!!!!!
*cheese man appears out window*

child: why thank you cheese man !
by sickbitches February 18, 2010
A male person who is ripped, or as some would say shredded. For this reason, a cheese man is shredded like mozzarella cheese. (Not to be confused with Gouda man- a crumbly version of a real cheese man)
Man one: Have you seen a picture of Bruce Lee?
Cheese man: Yeah, he's a cheese man like me.
by bboucher May 12, 2011
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