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A guy that seems to always "cheese it up".
A cheesehound is a person that does everything they can to be known as "cool" in other peoples minds. They have a touph outter apperance and usually are quick to react if they feel threatend against another person that challenges there "coolness". Even though they seem to have a touph outter apperance a cheesehound is usually very weak internally because they strive on being cool so if they are ganged up on they seem to break down easily.
A cheesehound can also be know as a douchbag because they usually have a bigger ego then they should and think they are (and i quote) "the shit."
A cheese hound can usually be spotted at the gym lifting heavier weight then they can handle, doing low reps.

how to spot a cheesehound: spotting a cheesehound can be hard sometimes because many can disquise themselves as an average joe but some things to look for are... Poped collars, ed hardy shirts, extra jell'd hair, very well dressed, strong smelling cologne, and girlish features such as lip gloss on lips.
by High Bastard - JN March 19, 2011
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