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Absolutely spot on, hits the spot, perfect, rounded and complete. Think of a perfect snack as a perfect term used for perfection but not only that, a solid, grounded and wholesome one too!
"Her explanation of the impact of ICT on society was as full on and as perfect as cheese on toast" or "Cheese on toast!" Students response to anothers spot on explanation to the question of the week.
by angelontheside December 30, 2009
Term commonly used to describe a traditional english breakfast.

It also gives reference to a young, female gamer, most likely of Northern UK origin, who revels in online gaming, living and breathing on IRC, talking about sheep and cows and her field, and giggling uncontrollably at other gamers through TeamSpeak.
Melly was referred to as CheeseOnToast, as befitting the common description.
by Aco October 21, 2004
The act of not coming through on a promising flex (shag).
The phrase originates from Matt going back to Blackpool Jackie's place after a hook up in Rumours. Despite numerous attempts to get past the heavy petting stage- access was continally denied and Matt was left to lie awake in a state of flex limbo until 8 next morning, when he received a plate of cheese on toast for all his hard efforts.

It must have been a particularly good meal as he returned the following 2 nights and received nothing but more cheese on toast.
by The Extractor May 20, 2006
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