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1. Cheesbrough- Any person part of the Cheesbrough clan.

2. Uh, The Cheesbrough-A word used to replace any other word.
Sup ma Cheesbrough!

Where did you get that?
Uh, the Cheesbrough, today.
by Prousinator69 February 10, 2009
8 3
the most totally awesome family in the world. originating in the uk, any cheesbrough you will meet will instantly put a smackeroon smile on your face. They will always make you laugh as they have such a witty personality. anyone with the surname cheesbrough are FAB and have so many friends their cell phone is bursting at the seams. you are lucky if you ever meet a cheesbrough in your lifetime. its a rare experience but if you get the chance you will discover their awesomeness. :)
woah that guy is so awesome, is it a cheesbrough?!

i wish i was a cheesbrough, they are awesome!
by aimalot May 03, 2010
5 3