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The "art" of rubbing your hands on your sweaty ball sack and then proceding to slap your buddy in the face, and then watch the signs of embarrasment on your buddy's face.

Note: Could result in anger.
You: "Dude do you smell something?"
Friend: ""
You: "Do you want to?"
Friend: "(sarcasticly) go for it."
You: *perform action* (followed by) "My good man, you have just been a victim of cheddaring."
by NP_IS_the_Balls February 01, 2008
The act of a substance exiting your body unexpectedly, usually from the consumption of too much alcohol. ( for example: throw up, urine, shit )
Dude, Ryan is partying so hard that he is cheddaring himself right now!
by gangster C July 12, 2014

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