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A posture to show off a bulge of one's penis in the pants. Its like, WELL WELL, look what I got down here in my pants!

Posture is achieved either by thrusting the pelvis forward or spreading the legs in a standing posture.

Meaning of the posture in males is to get the attention of the females of the species by showing the prowess of one's genital area, thus meaning a high probability of procreative ability.

A variation of the expression is one where the word crotch is replaced by the word COCK. It will preserve the letters in the acronym of the original expression.
Hurry, Jay, Mallu is comming this way. SHOW YOUR CHECK MY CROTCH POSE NOW!

(Mallu is a girl who Jay likes. Jay flexes his pelvis so that his penis tighten the textile in his jeans' frontal crotch area.)
by Mr. Bulgarian Bulge January 22, 2011

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