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When one cheats in the game Medal of Honor, this person is decreed as a cheaster and shall be deemed a douche for the rest of thine own life.

Ways to cheast:
2. Constantly interrupting battles between 2 people.
3. Constantly killing wounded warriors that were scavenged after a previous battle.
4. Continually picking up the bazooka.
5. Using the bazooka for your last kill.
6. I cant think of anymore.
"Torin you always cheast you douche."
by The Sultan of Swagger June 02, 2009
When you're so fat, your cheek just merges with your chest. That area is then called the "cheast". Similar to a "kankle".
Manda has a tatoo of a shamrock on her cheast.
by Geoff and Zach November 23, 2003
a female cheese/yeast sensation
"the woman was carrying her cheast in a bucket"
by edds. September 26, 2007
A poorly spelled version of cheats or possible chest.
Ricket: "Atreyu Jacobison, Bang, and BiG G have all written "cheast" in their definitions of Nilla, sexy man cheast, and rinx, respectively."

Cheddar: "What can I say? People are stupid."
by Johnny Rocketfingers November 17, 2003
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