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A chaylene is a person whos is always beautiful. There are usually two kinds of chaylenes. A down to earth girl with amazing style and personality. Then a pro snowboarder type. All the boys love her and all the girls wanna be her. She always gets everyone laughing. If your name is Chaylene there is a really good chance that you are snowboarding or getting hit on right now.
Why cant everyone be a little more like chaylene?


That chick was pro, she must have been a chaylene!
by ckmt! February 26, 2009
A Chaylene is a person with small boobs, and wears multiple bras to make them look big. She is a big flirt, and likes to hook up with guys at parties. She is a whore, and thinks she has many friends. She is usually larger sized, and has bad skin.
I just got chaylene slapped.
by Ching Ching Bongy January 07, 2012