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An accent created by Noel Fielding for a character of his called Sunflash. When asked about it in the Mighty Boosh's Future Sailors live tour of 2008 and 2009, Sunflash describes his accent as a mixture of Chinese, Chav, and South African and claims that everyone in the future will be speaking Chavese.
Howard Moon: Sorry, what is that accent all about, please?
Sunflash: It's a mixture of Chinese and Chav! I call it Chavese! I think that everyone will be doing it in the future!
HM: Really?
S (in South African accent): Yes!
HM (imitating Sunflash): Yes?
S: Yes.
HM: That's South African, innit?
S: Yes! There's a bit of that thrown in as well! AHAHAHA!
by MotorbikesOfJealousy September 08, 2011
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