Similar to a jawn. People in Philly use to to describe just about anything.
Man look at that chauncey.

I gotta get me that chauncey.

I'm going to the mall to cop that chauncey.
by J ICE September 21, 2008
When you call somebody a chauncey, you yourself become a chauncey.
Alternatively, anyone hearing the word chauncey becomes a chauncey.
Man, you are such a chauncey. (the person speaking is now a chauncey)
by andy sanchez32 June 16, 2008
(n) 1. to distinguish a person as being a sissy. 2. a girly man. 3. a choir boy
Quit being such a chauncey Rick, and tell that chick you like her.

Dave you are such a chauncey.
by Cory Brockman October 16, 2006
1. A guy who's girlfriend/wife is completely out of his league.
2. A Hagerman
Mike: Holy shit, that girl Cindy is really good looking.

Nate: Yeah but her boyfriend Brian,is a helmet. Have you seen him? Having a hot cross-eyed girl like that makes him a complete chauncey.
by Russell Hamborg July 19, 2005
Reffering to someone of negro heritage. It ca nbe used as a adjective or noun. It also implies stupidty or complete and udder foolishness. You would use it to infer that someone is complete garbage and worthless. It is similar to the word ghetto, but at a much more severe level.
Did you just put 22's on your Denali? You are so chauncey.
by GB Unit October 09, 2005
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