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The name Chatura originates from an indian or sanskrit nature, and has come to be a popular name in Sri Lanka. People with this name are usually a oxymoron of lazy and driven. they are usually hot heads, and most likely are well versed in the native language of Sri Lanka, sinhala. When you meet a Chatura, he will most likely be an extreme, never in the middle- meaning you will either meet a chatura who is buff or obese, but you will never meet a Chatura that is just average. This can be a good and bad thing, but is mostly the latter. In bed, as in life, it will either be the epitome of pleasure for the woman, or be a night filled with regret and unhappiness. there is no middle ground for Chatura's.
Did you see Chatura!? he is the angriest buff guy I have ever seen in my entire life!
by Goober intachai July 23, 2010
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