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A term used for a woman with rather large boobs.
Chester: Wow look at the chatties on biddy
by BOOOUNDY October 01, 2007
Scottish slang. Refers to illegal drug Ecstasy, MDMA, Sweeties. Makes you very social, i.e. talk a lot.
Often heard in working class social circles, "You neckin chatties the night?"
by Mr Scotsman March 25, 2006
A fat bastard who constantly fiends over Playdough.
1) Look its a Chatty!

2) Stop fuckin eating so much your being a fucking Chatty!
by Mr. T 845 November 06, 2007
A legend aint no 1 betta a real nigga
Yeah u my nigga a real chatty
by DA LUOIS VUITTON DON January 19, 2005