1. Periods 2.The Blob 3. That time of the month.

This is a point in a continuous monthly cycle when the male species is subject to random acts of irational mood swings emotional changes and in extreme cases domestic violence against men.

There is no reasoning with this creature of the dark and the best possible method to avoid the above mentioned is to simply laugh and go to the pub with the boys and tell her she needs to calm down and re-asses her behaviour.
Chantelle: Awwww I have a headache and my stomach cramps are terrible have you got any chocolate?"

Jimmy: Sorry to hear I'm off the pub...(leaves as quickly as possible avoiding all confrontation)

Bartender: Fancy seeing you here again champ! Troubles with the Mr's again?

Jimmy: Yeah the stupid bitch has got her chatty's dude.
by Sympathic. August 23, 2011
Scottish slang. Refers to illegal drug Ecstasy, MDMA, Sweeties. Makes you very social, i.e. talk a lot.
Often heard in working class social circles, "You neckin chatties the night?"
by Mr Scotsman March 25, 2006
A fat bastard who constantly fiends over Playdough.
1) Look its a Chatty!

2) Stop fuckin eating so much your being a fucking Chatty!
by Mr. T 845 November 06, 2007
A legend aint no 1 betta a real nigga
Yeah u my nigga a real chatty
by DA LUOIS VUITTON DON January 19, 2005
When the teachers call you chatty, take it as a compliment. It doesn't mean talkative nowadays, it means you have many clever ideas to share with the world.
Sam: Dude, Carolyne is so chatty!
Dylan: I know! She's really smart, we should listen to her.
by 💜Carolyn💜 February 10, 2015
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