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1. The Chattha tribe was designated by the British as a Martial Race. Martial Race is a designation created by officials of British India to describe "races" (peoples) that were thought to be naturally warlike and aggressive in battle, and to possess qualities like courage, loyalty, self sufficiency, physical strength, resilience, orderliness, hard working, fighting tenacity and military strategy.
2. A tribe apparently confined to Gujaranwala in which district they hold 81 villages. They are descendants of Chattha , a grandson of Prithvi Rai Chauhan, the Chauhan King of Delhi, and brother of the ancestor of the Cheema.
3. Surname used by Sikhs and Muslims.
4. Punjabi: ਚੱਠਾ, Urdu: چٹھہ
Simran Chattha, Mandeep Chattha
by enviro February 04, 2010
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