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Often quite beautiful, charming, and intelligent very caring and sweet. Someone who has been mostly very kind to people and hasnt been given the fairest chances. Notices all the good things in people. Makes people feel comofortable and free to be themselves. Is loved by everyone but maybe not always for the ways wanted.
What a sweetheart she is such a Chassidy.
by iluforever007 February 04, 2010
A beautiful girl who is extremely attractive and has a totally awesome personality. She is very nice and sensitive but isn't a push-over. She always gets what she wants because she has a friend who really likes her and would always be nice to her, also known as a Kenneth. Also very good at soccer and painting.
random guy: "You like Chassidy don't you?"
Kenneth: "Duh, of coarse I do."

Because everyone loves Chassidy.
by one20one October 26, 2011