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Someone, who doesn't actually likes music, but can sing every single top 10 chart tracks.

This personal generally has no idea of music, but solely enjoys everything and anything his/her's radio disc jockey plays.
Saul 'Hey man, check out this album i got, it's John Coltrane's original Blue Train'

Hunter 'Oh, I think i have that on torrent, it's that track with Flo-rida, right?'

Saul 'You fuckin chart whore... and what kinda name is hunter'
by GPSK September 08, 2010
A chart whore is a phrase used for people who have no knowledge, nor interest in any artists that haven't appeared in the charts.
Example of a chart artist: Shakira

Example of a chart whore: Jack: What artists are you liking at the moment then?
Jenny: Oh, Rhiana, Shakira, Black Eyed peas. That kind of stuff.
by TLBF January 15, 2010