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A beautiful, smart, funny individual. She keeps you smiling, has a loud mouth. Speaks her mind and does what she wants.
Bob: You see that girl over there??
Me: Oh her....That is definetly Charne' !
by ALUAP April 15, 2012
The condition of being of a good nature, but attracting the company of those without low standards and inhuman qualities. eg, arsonists, anti-social people.
A person who has such a condition.

Derived in part from "Chivalry", "Chaperon", and "Charcoal".
"It's Charne of the barn!" "How can you tell?" "The hair of the guy with her is on fire."
"Who are all these sods? Ah, I must have a faint aroma of charnism about me."
by Uncle Cactus September 12, 2013