Used as an ironic response,as a way of saying 'don't be so personal!'
I bet you two idiots would make a fine pair together.

by SomeoneNew October 17, 2012
Top Definition
Someone who is romantic but yet so spontaneous. Someone who is sweet but yet aggressive. Someone who's just so pleasant to be with and look at.
J: Hey babe! If you could describe me in one word what word would that be?
E: One Word?
J: Yeah
E: Charming.
by bbbbbaaashful February 28, 2010
utterly delightful in every aspect; of or consisting of charm; a word quite often thought of as being in reference to the past, but there it shall no longer stay.
kevin: what's the weather like outside?
lindsay: rather charming, really. we should go take pictures, or conquest.
by l in dai sy April 05, 2009
also very romantic
my boyfriend is so charming he made a trail of a dozen roses leading to a picnic beneath a waterfall
by *grin* February 06, 2004
used to express repulsion or disgust, sometimes started with ... and ended with a full stop for emphasis.
reatard: i just jizzed all over the table

normal dude: ...charming.
by resistance69 December 04, 2010
A social-climbing, rich, snobish, "dignified," adult's way of politely insulting someone or something.
Fred: Muhahaha.
George: We would, but--
Fred: --we don't want to.
Ginny: SHUT UP!!
Lucius: Weasley, youre children are absolutely... charming.
Arthur: *grunt*
Fred: Hey!
George: Take that back!
by Parawhore #34 April 25, 2009
The process of excreting in someones mouth magicaly, in the shape of soft serve icecream.
I just spent the weekd end charming my Girlfriend
by Delsnatch June 06, 2009
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