Top Definition
Noice Person.
Charlot is a Noice Person.
by Chazaaaa June 22, 2011
An incorrect way of spelling Charlotte
Person 1: I spoke to Charlot yesterday..

Person 2: Don't you mean Charlotte?

Person 1: Oh yeah, STUPID mistake, hey?
by Suue De Nymm June 22, 2011
1. Person who believes Brazil is superior to the United states even thought their economy ranks under that of California and doesnt want to move back.
2. Person who suffers under the delusion that bullshit shoud be pronounced BOW SHEIT, and fuck that Fock DAT.
3. Person whos practice of Brazilain magic allows their breasts to defy gravity.
Holy fuck, that charlot in Rio motorboated the shit outa me.
by Bumhugger June 20, 2014
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