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The name Charlette is a baby girl name. The name Charlette comes from the French origin.

French: Little and womanly, Petite and feminine.

French feminine diminutive of CHARLES. It was introduced to Britain in the 17th century.

Gender: Feminine
Usage: French, English, German, Scandinavian, Dutch
Pronounced: shar-LOT (French), SHAHR-lət (English), shahr-LAW-tə (German), shahr-LAWT-tə (Dutch)

First name variations: Carlotta, Charlotta, Charllotta, Charlet, Charlette, Charllette, Charlot.

Nicknames: Char, Lotta, Lette, Charlie, Lottie, Lotte.
by Stefstar February 03, 2010
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