What you call a whore when you're talking to your friends over a game of Call of Duty. Charlie Delta being the military codename for a Cum Dragon.
Sorry I missed that last match guys, some Charlie Delta keeps calling me.
by Flexes McFly November 27, 2010
Top Definition
Is code words for a Cum Dumpster. It originates from the phonetic alphabet. C. D. And it was used by u.s. marines in the Iraq war to describe a female marine who is a big time whore.
Corporal camacho: Hey Lance corporal Doyle did hear about the 34 people in our battalion who caught ghonnorea last week? Who was the Charlie Delta?
Lance corporal Doyle : Yeah dude. You won't believe who; private Lopez the puerto rican girl from supply. She even got the Sargent major and the major get a piece. Here we are on guard duty not getting any of the action fuck my life!!!
by Femoralslasher April 30, 2012
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