the name that means: I'M A WINNER!
yea man wut a charlie sheen
by monkeluver April 14, 2011
Cocaine, crack, smack, or junk... Taken intravenously, or smoked, guaranteed to f**k you up.
Dude: hey man, let me get dime bag of Charlie Sheen.

Dealer: Here you go...
by Crackiswhack137 March 26, 2011
Adverb - Can be used for epically winning, or screwing up in an epic fashion.

Can also be worded as Charlie, or Sheen individually.
Dude, I totally Charlie Sheened that game!

Congrats bro!!

Dude, I Sheened that friggin' shot and we Charlied the game in the final seconds.

Damn, well there goes the championship shot.
by Conquest351 March 11, 2011
The only person who is able to beat up Chuck Norris. Charlie Sheen's immortal body filled with tiger blood, and fire breathing fists is the only counter to Chuck Norris' god-like abilities.
Chuck Norris : prepare to be roundhoused to the next dimension.

Charlie Sheen : I am filled with tiger blood, and win.. imagine what I could do with my fire breathing fists.
by oredith March 09, 2011
A drug that causes loss of intelligence coupled with visions of grandeur while chain smoking.
Dude I just ruined my career and alienated my family. Yeah I'm on drugs. I'm high on Charlie Sheen
by BlazNsadL March 03, 2011
verb- To party uncontrollably; to party to a point no other human can handle, not even the Rolling Stones.
Dude 1: Bro I partied so hard this weekend
Dude 2: That's it? I CHARLIE SHEENED this weekend.
Dude 1: How are you alive?
by KeithianI February 28, 2011
can only use it when referring to something outrageous, extreme, bizarre or mind-blowing
'Hey man did u see that chick at the bar...she was "Charlie Sheen" outta there'
by Sho Dem Boobs February 28, 2011

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