verb: to win
I Just won that game of tennis. I Charlie Sheen-ed.
by jgatz108 June 11, 2011
noun: God.

verb: (As in: "Charlie Sheen-ing":) Winning, duh.
A.) That dude Charlie Sheen? He's the ultimate bro God.
B.) I'm totally Charlie Sheening. I've got women crawling up my dick!
by Dr. Sewesssss April 08, 2011
Slang term for cocaine, strippers, and winning with the blood of large African cats.
Billy snorted a pound of Charlie Sheen. He wasn't I'n the presence of strippers, and didn't have animal blood, so he died.
by Hello Jesus April 02, 2011
A type of recreational drug, much stronger than all the other drugs combined.
A: What happened to Johnny?

B: He tried some of that whack Charlie Sheen and died from a melted face.

A: Damn, that sucks, how's his family coping?

B: His children were weeping over his exploded body.
by jjonthespecialk March 03, 2011
To stick it to your crabby boss in a very rude fashion, then get fired shortly after.
Mr. Nagger: Jim, you were supposed to have that proposal in by friday! Now it's monday and you STILL don't have it. What excuse do you have for yourself?
Jim: My excuse is your a peice of shit and id rather jump off a bridge than complete an assignment for your grumpy old ass.
Mr. Nagger: Your fired! Get the fuck out my office before I call security. You really just Charlie Sheen'ed yourself there, dumbass.
by crackheadkangaroo December 13, 2011
someone who is loving life and freaking out because they have an unstoppable urge to party and freak out on national tv
ABC ANCHOR: charlie have you been on any drugs or are you on any drugs in the past month?
Charlie Sheen: "im on the greatest drug you can be on, charlie sheen, you just go nuts when your on it"
by Charlie Sheens publicisist March 02, 2011
A drug so powerful if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.
Mr Tassleberry: I have some bad news. Rick from accounting passed away this weekend.

Cubicle Workers: Gasp!

Mr Tassleberry: Toxicology reports show an overdose of Charlie Sheen.

Stew from shipping (crying): Was it subtle?

Mr Tassleberry: No, Stew, his face melted off and he exploded.

Everyone at once: Sick! Gross! Oh my god! Jesus, No! No! Nooooooo!
by Charilie Sheens Pipe March 05, 2011

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