The act of your lover taking a dump on your chest, and then taking two fingers and smearing the poop in a zig-zag pattern over your stomach like Charlie Brown's shirt.
"Jen is bringing a blue tarp tonight, she is going to give me a charlie brown"
by bigbootyhos November 14, 2012
I,E, Same This as a Dirty Sanchez, Just a different name, and more of a curve on the lip.
Fuck that bitch, then Charlie Brown her Bitch ass!
by Dee-y September 29, 2009
A variation of the Vietnamese Steamer but with a more holistic, fiber enriched diet. The poop comes out healthier, less spicy and pungent. It's identical to the Cleveland Steamer in style and substance, but performed exclusively on Vietnamese soil or by native Vietnamese people on foreign soil.
Liptang was eating a lot of broccoli so he could give his girlfriend a Charlie Brown for Tet.
by CSuckinhell March 31, 2009
where you play the song the cha cha slide and penetrate your woman to it. when it gets to the part were it says do the charlie brown, you slowly clap your hands lightly up and down her inner thighs until she is begging you to eat her out, you then do as she asks, and if you give her orgasm, she will be like pudding in your hands and will do anything you want.
my girl came over for our 1 month anniversary last night, and she thought we were gonna celebrate with a glass of champange and a hot jaccuzi together, but i pulled a charlie brown and we ended up doing the dirty sanchez.
by McLovin'7565654 December 28, 2008
The dirtest of dirt ass regs
"Damn nigga, that bud is the Charlie Browns son"
by gangstagrillz420 January 29, 2010
When you shit in your girls mouth and then she gives you a blow job spreading your shit all over your cock.
"My bitch was gaging when she gave me a charlie brown so I dumped her ass"
by want a charlie brown December 10, 2009
The act of being a cock block hence the initials C.B. It is also a dance move in where a person puts hands behind the back and loooks up and down.
Blaze: Is westak being a Charlie brown again
Jipster: No he cant be
KGNYC: Ur right he justs like to dance the Charlie Brown
by Kevin Achllieus March 17, 2007
A sex act wherein when you're doing a girl from behind, you suddenly give her a charlie horse in the thigh as hard as you can, making her fall to the ground. Then you take a dump on the back of her head.
My girlfriend was screaming too loudly during sex and waking the neighbors, so I had to Charlie Brown her. We are no longer together.
by MexicanJester May 22, 2008
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