A beautiful girl with classic looks for example long blonde hair and green eyes, usually tries to please everyone, surrounded by men who love her for personality aswell as looks, has a very good sence of humour, loves to dance, aspires to be as succsessful as an older sister but usually in a more fun way.
"shes so kind, loving, caring, everything!"
"shes a charlie alright!"
by dudey10 November 15, 2009
A guy with gorgeous brown eyes, an addicting smile, and the best sense of humor. He woes girls easily, although he can't always tell when girls like him. He makes the most amazing best friend and is easy to be around. Tall, dashing, laughs all the time. He is talented at everything from sports to technology,and is a lead member in musical theater. He can be tempermental, but if you can stick with him he is worth the wait, and is a great friend. I love him <3
girl1: Who is that?
girl2: oh that's charlie! He's amazing!
girl1: He's surrounded by girls!
girl2: yup, he's friends with every one of them.
by Toriasings January 12, 2013
One of the most amazing people in the world.
He makes you laugh, smile, and feel better.
He won't admit his feelings for you, but you won't admit yours. But he still loves you anyway.
If you find a Charlie, keep him in your heart. Always.
You are my Charlie.
by Doctorwhofan July 03, 2013
The sweetest guy you will ever meet. Charlie's are usually extremely attractive! All the girls want a Charlie. He normally picks one girl and is very loyal to her. He treats her like a queen. Charlie's normally like more athletic girls. They are usually very athletic themselves. Charlies make sure that the girl he likes knows. Any girl would be extremely lucky to have a Charlie!
Girl 1: man who's that I'm going to go talk to him!?
Girl2: that's Charlie don't even try he already has a girl.

Girl1: maybe I can break them up?
Girl 2: doubt that he's very loyal
by Cali_swagga August 10, 2013
An amazing girl, who doesn't know how perfect she is amazing at singing. Her eyes are just amazing you could get lost in them forever. She is just someone you never want to loose
Boy 1: Hey, see that girl over there who is that?
Boy 2: That's Charlie, isn't she just perfect?
Boy1:yeah I love her eyes.
by LaDiDa October 23, 2013
The most awesome person in the world. Smart, funny, a genuinely nice person. Athletic and sexy. All the things that define a successful, wealthy American. If their last name begins with the letter "R" then they might as well be considered a saint.
That kid is such a Charlie.
by huntertwowon November 19, 2011
An amazing badass who is my best friend in the whole world!!!! He is really weird and funny!!
Me: OMG Charlie is a badass & is amazing
by klb1999 November 12, 2012
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