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Basically sex on legs.
He plays the very sexy Jax on the tv show Sons Of Anarchy.
You don't get a hotter englishman.
The cause of multiple orgasms at once and many womans ovaries exploding!!!
Friend: Did you see that picture of Charlie Hunnam?
Me: I didn't just see it, my ovaries exploded and I had multiple orgasms whilst looking at it!!!
by Xx_skittlez69_xX December 28, 2012
British actor, most commonly known for playing Jax in Sons of Anarchy or Nathan in the British Queer as Folk.

Very hot ;)
Jack: Have you heard of Charlie Hunnam?
Jill: Oh, that guy from Sons of Anarchy? He's hot.
by CharlieHunnamaddict January 25, 2011