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The main character of the short story "Flowers For Algernon" by Daniel Keyes. He is mentally disabled and works at a plastic box company. Because of his mental problems, he occasionally messes up and loses or breaks things, and/or says or does something foolish and socially awkward. His co-workers dubbed such thing a "Charlie Gordon"

(n). To lose, break, or mess up something.

To say or do something socially awkward or stupid.
Ernie: *drops fragile package*

Foreman: For God's sake Ernie why are you pulling a Charlie Gordon?!

Ernie: Sorry Boss *Hangs Head*


Ellen: *trips while dancing with someone*

Joe: Good job pulling a Charlie Gordon there, Ellen!

Frank: Hahahahahahaha!!
by The DrakeHawk January 13, 2013
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A "Charlie Gordon" is one of those packs of plastic silverware you get with the napkin, fork, knife, spoon, salt and pepper pack.

The reason behind this is that it must take the mind of Charlie Gordon to assemble these things.

Imagine a bunch of ARC-tards sitting around putting these together then you will get the picture!
I went to the chinese takeout and they forgot my Charlie Gordon. I got to use my fingers now!!!!
by Funn stuff November 10, 2011
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