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Monster Shit. Explosive Diarrhea to the maximum Level.
Guy 1: "I took a Charizard after eating that burrito from that one place."
by Darknetus June 24, 2011
a pokemon with a elongated neck giving it the ability suk his own dick.
i saw charizard doin his thang but he accidently did a flamethrower attack and seared off his pubes.
by koberapedawoman October 17, 2011
a crazy drink involving a mix of hennesey, cranberry juice, and x-rated. Called charizard because of its red color
Lionel: yo son ima bout to get dumb on this charizard!

Don: i know right!
by Don L October 30, 2008
A face often made to show dissapointment or to scare people.
Cecilee: *making charizard face*.

Dylan: Either pretty fuckin pissed, or you just ate some nasty shit.
by D-mec July 16, 2006
A Pokemon that people think is good, but it's not.

And when Pokemon cards were cool people would want it.
Omgz, charizard!! u gotz a charizard in ur booster pax!! ZOMG ill buy it from you for £20!!!
by Jazzeh_xx April 11, 2007