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A Greek name meaning "grace" A sweet, gracful, and quiet girl. She isn't very outgoing, but is still fun. She is beautiful in a very unique way. Very loyal and trustworthy. A great listener and an amazing friend!
Charissa is a great girl!
#charissa #greek name #grace #chariss #gracful
by YourBabyGirlForever March 29, 2009
A certain genre of female, a term used to describe several characteristics in women. Usually a beautiful woman with a gorgeous smile and legs like a model, and a great personality. Charissas are usually easy going and a bit flighty, but its okay cus THEY'RE A MUSICIAN. Most girls want to be a Charissa, and unfortunately for them are usually just a Sarah (See Sarah). You are a Charissa if your both intelligent and artistic, and also too attractive for your own good.

Common misspellings are Carisa, Carissa, or Karissa.

Common mispronunciations are Sharissa.
"Im taking this girl out tonight"

"Yeah? Whats she like?"

"Shes totally Charissa"

"WOW How'd you land that?!"
#charissa #karissa #carissa #beautiful #artistic #characteristic
by KS ANON. February 06, 2010
The absolute BEST girl you could ever EVER be with. Loyal, Genuine, Smart, Beautiful, Sexxxxiiiii, Trustworthy & just plain SPECIAL! She is Gods gift to men!! One kiss and you'll be blown away by her AMAZINGNESS!!! Don't ever let her go, because if you do, you'll regret it, ..she's the best thing you could EVER have around!
I LOVEEE me a Charissa!!!
#charissa #rissa #karissa #carissa #char
by LuvBug444 September 26, 2010
A smart loving funny and pretty girl. Usually known for partying too much and loves to drink and smoke. Once you have one never let her go she will be the best thing in your life by far.
Guy: Whats your name?

Charissa: umm Charissa

Guy: OMG no way, marry me?
#charissa #karissa #theresa #fun #loving
by wishdreamer1234 July 15, 2010
A Greek name for grace; although Charissas aren't always necessarily graceful. They love to laugh and make other people laugh - even if its by being stupid.

She can carry on an intelligent conversation one minute, and be a total 'blonde' the next. She likes the word legit.

God and people are most important! If your name is Charissa, you must love sports and shows like Walker Texas Ranger and Hawaii Five O.
Words simply can't express how awesomely, fantastically, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Charissa is.
#swagtastic #superific #legit #femalebeast #awesome #greek
by CharissaWhit October 10, 2013
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