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1) a powerful long range projectile used by samus in super smash bros. melee that deals 22% damage and can kill an opponent with as little as 60% damage depending on their position in the level. of course only n00bs get killed this way.

2) a grossly unfair advantage in any situation (such as being able to frag n00bs from across the screen.)

3) a situation that can make one feel as though he was just hit with a 6 foot diameter ball of electricity.
1) samus' charge beam ownzes slow characters like bowser (as well as n00bs.)

2) the 4 aces that joe had proved to be the charge beam that he needed to win the poker hand.

3) man, i just got charge beamed by that math test i was too stoned to study for.
by da? August 07, 2003
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