One who is half Chinese and half Japanese.

See jinese.
See that chink? He's Chapanese.
by SteveB August 25, 2004
Top Definition
A person of Chinese and Japanese heritage.
His mother is Japanese and his father's Chinese, so that makes him Chapanese.
by Ren Ichichou February 03, 2004
A Chinese person who thinks they are Japanese.
that guys so chapanese he's considering having his blood changed over..
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
A British subculture of people who purposefully lick their lips with the intent to chap them. The Chapanese typically wear only tracksuit bottoms (no underwear or other items of clothing). Their main mode of transport is Lambretta scooters which are too small causing them to arch their backs as they ride.

When attending raves the Chapanese can often be seen doing their famous tongue dance where by they lick their lips in different motions to create complex dance routines. Many of the more famous Chapanese have their own signature moves and routines.

Often shortened to "Chap"
Guy 1:
"Did you see that Chapanese fella?"
Guy 2:
"Yeah, cool as he was, must hurt not using Vaseline."
by Gold5 January 07, 2014
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