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A very deadly disease that is currently incurable, similar to the AIDS virus. There are a large range of symptoms, but the most often is to rage when playing video games. The origin of this lethal disease is still unknown, but scientists have uncovered clues about its past whereabouts; It seems to be have been born from a crusty troll that goes by the name of Jesse. Some argue with this theory, as recent evidence shows that the origin could lead to a satanic gremlin that dwells in a cave, also known as Devon. There have been signs of hope, as scientists discovered a cure called Chap Stick. Though the Chap Stick is the only known cure for this virus, this cure is not reliable enough to suppress an infected infected individual from rage quitting. Scientists are still researching diligently as we find a true cure for this illness.
Person 1: Dude, that guy has some serious Chap Lips.

Person 2: UN1NST4LL THE GAME N00B!!11oneone11!!

Person 1: Someone needs some Chap Stick.

by Snailp0 January 29, 2011
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