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A girl with crazy mad ninja skills. Usually one who can knock you out with just a smile from her lips. Very strong and dangerous. Her only weakness are the cute cuddly rabbits that rome the earth.

Chantillee's are very friendly and have many friends. Often times her friends get into fights over who chantillee loves more. If you ever come across one, turn and run the other way because they tend to get very violent. You can always find chantillee's hanging out at local coffie shops.
guy 1: man i cant find chantillee any where.
guy 2: What? you can always find her at the coffie shop.
guy 1: oh yeah, now i remember

Girl 1: Chantillee loves me more.
Girl 2: No way, she loves me the most!
Girl 1: No tramp, she is mine!!! *Turns into a man eating beast and attacks girl 2*
by Fire Goddess February 07, 2010

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