• Any precious/generally awkward situation that one finds themselves in, usually resulting in either a throw-down by one or both involved parties or a great debate. Changing Stations are almost always doomed and/or destined to burn a bridge(s).

• Note: A person can both open a changing station or shut one down, not unlike the literal changing stations found in the restrooms of truck stops, usually identified by a Koala or marsupial equivalent.

• Note: Changing stations can happen both in person, but very often open and/or close on one's Facebook Wall, or social network equivalent.

Origin: Witty Gays, Fag Hags, and Fag Stags...

Note: Being elaborate in one's description of a changing station is vital, for example • A Messy Changing Station • Ripping open a changing station • Shutting a Changing Station so fast, one's fingers gets caught in it • A changing station left hanging by the hinges
• JT opened a changing station on Kristina's Facebook Wall about Hillary Clinton's pantsuits, spawning a ridiculous thread between Josh and Kristina's gaggle of gays.

• Chance wasn't having Amanda's fascist Facebook Status, so he shut down that changing station, by referring to her as a lesbian, thus shutting her up, before it got too messy.
by Lulabell1984 October 07, 2009

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